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Formula to bet on football, favorite 5 techniques for betting on football like a master

Football betting formulas, techniques for speculating football to get profits with single ball betting (favorite ball) betting on every pair of balls Accurately 85% with 5 good football betting formulas which will increase the chance help gamblers have the right to have positive profits for sure and can generate income

Favorite football formula 1: Assess the readiness of the two teams

what will be enough for us to know superiority Is to analyze the ball from the soccer master and the readiness of the two teams to play football because if we do not have information and go to bet, it is like risking 50 – 50% or less. Also, perhaps the team name Or the rankings do not indicate victory, some may be at the player and defeat at all. Players should study. Go to the overall information. of the two teams to be analyzed and if analyzed or collect information Of the two teams the most, measured by the players and the form in that period of each team

What should be analyzed / evaluated before placing a bet?
Quality, individual player form – the best players of each team. Who scores more total scores?
Season Stats – Collect stats since the start of the season for a particular show, compared to their rank.
Current Form – See how many points have been collected by that team in the last 3 – 5 matches.
Player fitness – list of injured players need to rest How is the readiness from the latest game?
real list And the bench. – Is there any player who has been banned in that game or not? Has the main line been fully down? Or send a backup to play most of the time

Favorite football formula 2: Compare the odds, the water price – the flow price

look at the reasonableness of the price can profit for you because of these two parts is something that helps Tell them the advantages of the balls of both teams competing and the possibility of the price set up with those two teams. very well and also to know distortion Of the handicap price as well, usually football teams with a percentage High win rate, reasonable price, water cost must be the same, that is, the team that is the next team. When faced with a team that is a secondary team with less tax There will be water values ​​are not very high, most of them are between 0.85 – 0.95, but the secondary teams tend to have higher water values. But if the superior team There is a water value that exceeds the above. like this think It might be a wrong setting. because of course When the chance of winning is already high On the football betting website, he will pay expensive water bills. to increase losses like this player Therefore, always compare the price before betting, choosing to bet on the team at a reasonable price, the water that does not pay too much It’s fun to earn profits.

Favorite football formula 3: bet on pairs at odds not higher than 0.5

water bill only probably not enough throwing the ball into after understanding The formula for looking at the price of water Another important part that is not lost at all is the handicap, the price of the ball, which is for a newbie. Should not choose expensive football favorites Bet on a pair whose odds are about half the ball (0.5) settled on a single ball better than betting on the odds. high odds bet Make sure the pair is a team of a certain level of difference, or very different, the better and the quality of the teams. That must be tight It is a team that has always performed well. It’s not just that it’s coming to the fore. That will help you reach your goals further.

Favorite football formula 4: High-low favorites, replacing handicap

When there is always a team Bargaining out about half the ball, of course, if they are equal, it is difficult to guess the official bet But with the form of betting on the ball Online football betting website, high-low type, where only select the total goal after the game according to him later If the guess is correct, you will receive a prize. This is another good football betting formula. If you’re not confident in the handicap, shooting distance, try to play on aggregate. The technique is simple. Turn back the head-to-head stats of those two teams for about 5 – 10 games in the last game and look only at the verdict. Analyze and evaluate how often ends up on any score.

Favorite football formula 5: 3 pairs of favorites are more likely to win!

When betting on football favorites, it is not recommended that 2 pairs of favorites will play for one team or 3 pairs of favorites are worth more than 2 pairs of favorites, for example, Thai and Vietnamese bets, 400 baht per bill, if two teams make a mistake, you will lose 800 immediately. baht, in contrast to the 3 pairs of football favorites formula, even if you have to invest more But the loss time is not as heavy as For example, in 3 bills divided into 400 baht per bill, namely Man U / Arsenal / Leicester City which, when combined, will use a total capital of 1,200 baht, if all 3 such teams enter According to this favorite football betting technique, it will increase the profit immediately 1,200, not deducting the water bill. And if in the event that only 2 pairs enter, 1 pair is wrong, the player will still have a profit of 400 baht or if 2 pairs are wrong, only one team is correct. Still not losing all profits. Subtract and pay off 400 baht, which is still much better than having to pay a lot. and if that’s correct Well analyzed This football favorite formula is definitely positive and profitable.


If you really want to play the ball correctly Do as we recommend, this has the right to have a positive 85% and sure. There are still many other things that should be taken into account for betting, such as not much budget to play to play and can make a profit for us, getting the expected return. All this must be in moderation. Do not bet online football with no greed. And if thinking of playing football as a career, analyze football to get as much information in forecasting as possible. When it comes to choosing to bet on football with foreign websites that is reliable, has a license, pays water fairly There are options to bet. Also variety for peace of mind that you will really get that profit.